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     Riverland Truck Pullers is The heartbeat of truck pulling in the Minnesota and Wisconsin River Valley.        EST in 2015, Riverland Pullers is made up of both Gas and diesel classes ranging from stock to heavily modified and open classes. Whether you're a seasoned vet on the track, or just starting out, Riverland has a class for you. At Riverland, we know what it takes to make each hook count. Every weekend at the track doesn’t come with out blood, sweat, and tears, So we take pride in giving our members the best experience in Truck pulling. We are always striving to better the organization and grow our members, pulls, and events each year. While maintaining our humble, competitive, family-friendly atmosphere, We keep safety our top priority while still letting our engines roar.        Every year we look forward to making new memories, new fans, new members and even new locations and classes. At Riverland Truck Pullers, we believe in keeping this sport alive with every Ft/Lb of Torque we got! Truck pulling is not just what we do, but really is who we are, and we hope that in the coming summers, whether you're a spectator, or a competitor, we will be able to share our passion for pulling with you.  Check out our schedule for the year, and we'll see ya at the track! 



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