$25 for first class. $10 for each additional class (Examples: Improved Stock wants to run points in ProStock or Street Diesel to Improved Diesel, etc.)


1st place in each class receives 2 sweatshirts with name, class and year, Jacket if win 3 years in a row; Framed picture of their truck; plaque; and traveling trophy.

2nd place receives plaque and framed picture of truck.

Puller of the Year:

Is a member voted award for the person they believe has shown exceptional sportsmanship and initiative to assist when needed. Usually is outgoing and is able to assist with any class or aspect of events.

They are awarded a Jacket, framed picture of truck, plaque, and traveling trophy.

Most Distance Pulled during Year:

All footage is tracked throughout the year with the person pulling the farthest receiving a trophy.

To make this fair there is an equal number of hooks counted for each class.

Event of the Year:

Member voted award for the event that they liked the best or enjoyed the most.

The event is awarded a collage of their event and recognized at the year end party and on following years schedule.

There may be other special awards given out as deemed by board or members at end of year party.